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Over the years we have been called upon to restore a wide variety of items, from potty chairs to crossbows, from painted decoration to  inlays of wood metal or ivory that are missing or coming off. From replacing leather writing surfaces to creating missing brass hardware. As well as the occasional missing drawer or  turning.

In terms of age, from a 15th century telescope to Hoosier cabinets. Here is a small selection of a few jobs from over the years.

For  a few dollars more then a production refinishing shop, why not get it done once, and get it done right. 

Veneer Restoration & French Polishing

Refinished, brushed & rubbed shellac finish

Washstand Before, layers of paint over original decoration

After removal of layers, with some inpainting

New England Dressing Table Before Restoration

After Restoration

Reverse Glass Painting/Guilding Restoration

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our work.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  preserve the originality and value.

Top restored, missing base fabricated

As with our cabinetmaking, all estimates and advise is free of charge.

With many of the pieces we get in, total refinishing is the last option we like to take, many finishes can be saved or revived, thus  saving a lot of an items value and originality. Our best work looks like an item which have always been taken care of, and have never seen the inside of a restoration shop.

Although we usually prefer to work with the same materials as each piece was originally constructed, we will always work with whatever material our customer's specifies, or, inversely, recommend depending on use a different material.

Replace missing carving from top of mirror

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